Rethink the way you
keg with the MasterKeg

Creating a more cost-effective and sustainable future for
breweries all over the world. 


Presenting our revolutionary multi-purpose keg

Our multi-purpose recyclable keg gives you more with less. With our collapsible design, you can store and transport 70% more kegs and provide extra customer value to your end-user. Read more about what makes our keg, the Masterkeg. 


First plastic 50-litre keg... Ever!

Enabling more breweries all over the world to increase the profitability of their high-volume products. MasterKeg 50L offers the same great volume as the steel keg but with all the benefits of a MasterKeg. 

Sustainability at our core

MasterKeg was created with a few fundamentals in mind; Usability, convenience and sustainability. By applying these during our whole development phase we were able to minimize the impact our product has on the environment.


Get the most out of your new keg

  • Space saver

  • User-friendly & Safety

  • Compatible

  • Redefining reusability

  • Recyclability


70% space saved using MasterKeg

Due to our collapsible design MasterKeg saves 70% in storage when empty and can save you up to 45% in shipping costs. Storage, high transporting costs and handling are all issues solved by MasterKeg. 




Improved handling & safety

Your MasterKeg comes with wheels attached to the bottom, massively improving usability, comfort and handling safety. Your customers can now wheel the kegs from their storage directly to their place of use. 


Full range of connectors

Your MasterKeg comes fitted with the valve of your choosing. The valve options we provide are: A, S, G, D, M & K


All the benefits of a one-way keg, but it's reusable!

Low commitment cost, lightweight and better in-life quality are all the things we brought from the one-way keg market into our reusable keg.

Enjoy the benefits of both worlds, in a whole new form factor, only possible with MasterKeg.


Improve your environmental impact

The MasterKeg is built from the ground up to be as sustainable as possible. Our keg is made of 60% recycled material, the highest in the industry! We won't stop there, we will keep improving and tracking our environmental impact and act accordingly.

Working together to create the future of kegs


Convenient & Friendly

MasterKeg is designed to be a breeze to use and is easily integrated with your current systems. Wheels make the kegs easy to move, but stable when stored.


Circular & Reusable

We aim to decrease the amount of plastic in circulation by not only providing a fully reusable product but also by using up to 60% recycled materials.


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